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Travel Training

MART, in conjunction with the North Central Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), is proud to bring Travel Training to our region.

What is Travel Training?

Travel training is a self-paced process that teaches people how to safely and independently use the bus. Travel destinations are the trainee’s choice and can include: work, school, medical appointments, and recreation sites.

Who Should Participate? Anyone, especially Seniors and individuals with cognitive, mental health, or physical impairments who wish to become more independent. Where you live and want to go should be on or near a public bus route.

Benefits of Travel Training:

  • Enhances freedom, mobility and independence
  • Provides access to safe and low-cost transportation
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Promotes healthy living by helping you stay active in the community

Travel Trainers Can Teach You:

  • How to plan your trip
  • How to get to and from your bus stop
  • How to ride a specific route
  • How to recognize bus routes, bus stops, and landmarks
  • How to pay fares and purchase passes
  • How to board with a mobility device
  • Where to position your mobility device on the bus
  • How to prepare for the unexpected
  • Street crossing safety
  • Stranger awareness
  • How to read and understand bus schedules

Is there a cost for training?

Travel training is provided free-of-charge except for your bus fare while training is taking place.

How do I get Travel Training?

MART and the RCC have developed a unique approach to providing this training to the different population types who may want/need Travel Training in MART’s fixed route bus area. MART and the RCC created a regional approach where multiple agencies would do the training depending upon the eligibility of the person needing it.

Determine Your Agency Eligibility:

  • Are you currently working with one of the following social service agencies: DDS, Seven Hills, Luk Inc, or Arc of
  • Opportunity? If yes contact your caseworker and ask about travel training.
  • If no, are you a senior or have a disability? If so, come to MART’s Admin Facility at 1427R Water St. in Fitchburg to
  • sign-up for a Statewide Access Pass, then we can refer you to GAAMHA.
  • If you don’t fit any of the above categories, contact MART, at 978-345-7711 option 3, to find out how you can qualify.
  • Perhaps you can find others like yourself, and MART can do a group training.
  • The RCC is always looking for more advocacy groups/agencies to become trainers to reach a more diverse population. Contact Keary Connors at MART for more information.
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