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Route 5 bus is detoured off Oak Hill Road onto Shea to Pratt to St. Joseph's to Legros to Beech to and from Park Hill Plaza. The route 2 bus is detoured up Hospital Hill Road to Chandler to upper Nelson to Memorial back onto to Hospital Hill Road outbound towards Monument Square. The route 2 bus inbound to Fitchburg cannot service Leominster Hospital as The lower end of Nelson Street is closed.


Labor Day through Memorial Day Only

Monday-Friday Only from Labor Day thru Memorial Day
MART ITC Gardner City Hall Gardner Senior Center Westminster (Street side) Village Square Westminster (street side) MWCC Leominster (Erdman Way) Intermodal Center Fitchburg (Commuter Rail) Fitchburg State University (Recreation Center) MWCC Leominster (Erdman Way) Rtes. 12/2 Friendly’s Leominster Monument Square Leominster Twin City Plaza Fitchburg Village Square Westminster (street side) Senior Center Westminster (street side) MWCC Lot B Gardner City Hall Gardner MART ITC Gardner
6:15A 6:20A – – – – – – 6:50A 6:55A 7:10A 7:12A 7:19A 7:29A 7:42A 7:44A 7:55A – – 8:05A T
3:15P – – 3:23P 3:25P 3:41P 3:55P – – – – 4:11P – – – – 4:21P 4:25P 4:35P 4:40P 4:45P T
Intercity Roads Traveled: 2 variations of route: (6:15AM-8:05T) Gardner: Main St, Willow, Pleasant, Knowlton, Connors, City Hall, Pleasant, Willow, Main, Route 2 East (exit 22 to exit 30 Leominster), Merriam, Carriage, Chalmers, Abbott, Nichols, Water (Fitchburg), Main, ITC, Main, Water, N. Main (Leominster), Erdman, N. Main, Main, Monument Sq., Park, West, Maple, Lindell, Merriam (Kmart), Rte. 2 West (exits 30 to 25 Westminster), State Rd, Main, W. Main, Rte. 140, Matthews, MWCC, Green, Woodland, Central, Chestnut, Main.

(3:15PM-4:45T) Gardner: Main St, Chestnut, Union, Pearson, Rte. 2 East (exits 23 to 24 Westminster), W. Main, Main, Rte. 2 East (exits 25 to 31), N. Main, Erdman, N. Main, Water (Fitchburg), Main, ITC, Main, Water, N. Main (Leominster), Rte. 2 West (exits 31 to 25), State Rd, Main, W. Main, Rte. 140, Matthews (Gardner), MWCC, Green, Woodland, Central, Pleasant, Knowlton, Connors, City Hall, Pleasant, Willow, Timpany, Donlan, Main

Fitchburg/Leominster Map

Download the map by clicking on the link below


Adult $2.00
Student (18 & younger, MWCC Student w/college ID) Elders (60 and older) $1.00
Disabled Riders (with Medicare, Statewide or other proper ID) $1.00
Blind, Active Military Free
Children (5 and under with an adult) Free
Monthly Regular $60.00
Monthly Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Students, MWCC Students with ID $40.00
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