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Advertise with MART


Transit advertising is flexible, noticeable and cost effective. Per dollar, transit advertising reaches more people than any other form of advertising. Catch your customer’s eye at literally every turn, and let us help you get more mileage out of your advertising budget.

4150 Fallon Wrap Completed 2
4145 Community Health Connections 2
Why Advertise your business or event on Transit?
  • Use MART ads to advertise your new business or event; place help wanted ads; promote your company’s latest products, services and promotions; post public service announcements, charity outreach and community event notifications.
  • Powerful and proven method of reaching a diverse market.
  • Cost effective—interior and exterior options available to meet any budget, offering flexibility in size and location.
  • It reaches passengers, pedestrians and drivers all day long, 6 days a week to maximize outreach to potential clients.
  • Promotes your business and events in your local area—a moving billboard traveling throughout your community.
4120 Curbside
4145 Planet Fitness

MART’s buses are seen throughout the cities of Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner and along main-route corridors in Templeton, Winchendon, Phillipston, and Athol. MART vans can be seen travelling throughout all of the Montachusett Region. Our out-of-town shuttles travel east to Devens and Boston, and south to Worcester.


MART Advertising Department
1427R Water Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Phone: 978-345-7711 X2246


Full Wrap: $1250/month

Half Bus Wrap (full cover of curb OR street side of bus): $750/month; Street side of MART vans: $350/month

4145 Community Health Connections 2

King Kong Wrap (8′ wide x 8′ high): $400/Month

Available on curb side OR street side of bus

Full Tail Bus Wrap

Full Tail Bus Wrap: $400/Month

Super Tail Bus Wrap

Super Tail Bus Wrap: $200/Month


14ft by 24in

14′ x 24″ Sign- $310/Month

8′ x 18″ Sign- $175/Month

6′ x 18″ Sign- $150/Month

8 and 6 ft by 18in

4′ x 18″ Sign on Side or Rear of buses or MART mini-buses: $100/Month

A $25.00 new  sign installation fee will be assessed for EACH exterior sign.


Fallon Interior_cropped

28″ x 11″ Interior Card: $30/Month (per card) or $25/Month for 20 or more cards

GFA Ceiling

Interior Ceiling: $75/Month
32″ wide x 84″ long banner in center, plus $25 installation fee

Interior Domination: $225/Month
32″ wide x 84″ long banner in center, plus 84″ x 11″ banner on each side, plus $25 installation fee

Package includes Full Bus Wrap plus Interior Domination $1400/Month, $7980/six months, $15,120/one year

Installation to be performed by a sign-production company, by appointment only.


18-in. x 36-in.: $55/Month
18-in. x 66-in.: $85/Month

30-in. x 36-in.: $95/Month
30-in. x 66-in.: $140/Month

MassHire ITC Window

36-in. x 108-in.: $200/Month
Can be placed vertically or horizontally in ITC.


All spaces are rented monthly. Minimum contract term is 1 month.

A 5% discount is available for 6-month contracts, 10% discount for 12-month contracts, and 20% discount for non-profit organizations.

Installation fee is a one-time cost per installed sign.

All advertising prices and discounts are subject to change.



Production of all printed sign advertisement is the responsibility of the advertiser. MART does not offer graphic design services for printed signs. A list of local vendors is available upon request.

Exterior Bus Ads: A $25.00 new sign installation fee will be assessed for EACH exterior sign. The required material for printed exterior bus signs is single-sided print(s) made from transit vinyl with a 3.5mil UV clear over laminate.

Interior Bus Ads: A $10 new sign installation fee for EACH sign will be assessed. For the inside of the bus, the preferred production method is 2mm thick paper with a 15mil laminate. Ads should have a 3/4” border at the top and bottom of the ad.

Bus Wraps: Installation (of any size or space) is the responsibility of the sign-creation company, and is by appointment only. ANY product covering windows must be made of a perforated material that meets MassDEP standards. Bus sizes and styles differ, and exact measurements are the responsibility of the production/installation company.

Shelter/ITC Ads: A $25 installation fee applies to each new sign. Shelter space subject to availability on the back and away sides of the shelters, as well as inside the ITC concourse in Fitchburg. Bus shelter/exterior window ads should be 2mil semi-transparent cast solvent printed vinyl with air egress adhesive and a 2 mil cast over laminate.

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