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DBE Program Goals

Goal Submission for Fiscal Years 2024-2026


DBE Program 2022 Updates  |  DBE Program Goal Methodology



New Goals

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority’s (MART’s) overall goal for FFY2024-2026 (October 1, 2024, through September 30, 2026) is 3.5 percent of the Federal financial assistance we will expend in Department of Transportation (DOT)-assisted contracts, excluding Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funds to be used for the purchase of transit vehicles. MART expects to award $3,508,000 in DOT-assisted contracts between FFY2024 and FFY2026 for capital projects. $1,900,000 is expected to be awarded in FFY2024, $896,000 in FFY25, and $712,000 in FFY26. In total, MART has set a goal of spending $122,780 with DBEs during the next three fiscal years. MART expects to meet or exceed its goal of 3.5 percent through race-neutral participation and will award zero percent of its contracts through race-conscious measures.


The following projects will be completed during the time period of Fiscal Years 2024-2026 and will be accomplished with Department of Transportation financial assistance.


Project Name Project Description
Replace/Upgrade IT-related Support Equipment Network infrastructure updates and platform updates; technology equipment updates
Rehab Elevators – multiple locations Renovate elevators in Fitchburg and Leominster at four locations
Gardner Fuel Station Modernization Replace canopy, fueling station, and pumps; software upgrade
Fitchburg Parking Garage Structural Repairs Weight-bearing piers to be repaired in accordance with study and design completed in FY23. Project is urgent for structural integrity of the facility.
FM-200 Fitchburg Intermodal and Gardner Maintenance Facility Relocate two FM200 systems
Rehab Fitchburg Administrative Office and Conference Room Update Lobby and Conference room at Water Street
Lighting and Electrical Upgrades ITC Lighting and electric upgrades at ITC
Rehab Leominster Vehicle Storage Facility Structural shoring in basement of Leominster storage facility; address lolly column and structural issues.
Keys and Access Control Phase II – Standardization of door keys and badge access control system MART Facilities


For the full list of FY24-FY26 Projects, please click on the Summary of Projects document.

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