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MART News for You


Wachusett Shuttle Back Upto Full Schedule:

The Wachusett Shuttle has returned to its full pre-pandemic schedule thanks to the new hourly schedule posted for the MBTA's Commuter Rail Service at Wachusett Station. Please see the Wachusett Shuttle page for details.


Exciting New Commuter Service to Clinton and Worcester starts on 2/23/21:

Click here to see our Announcement. MART received a grant from MassDOT to start a pilot service that will expand MART's trips to Worcester to 6 times per day. MART will still provide our usual Worcester Shuttle to the hospitals, court house and Union Station in Worcester which runs 3 times per day.  Howeve this new service, which will also make 3 round trips per day, will provide timings that will allow commuters a full day of work. This new route will stop in Clinton on its way to and from Worcester. It is also a fixed express route so there is no need to call for a return ride home. Click here to see the new schedule for this exciting service.


Meet the New U.S. Tansportation Secretary

Picture of U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. There is a flag behind him on the left, the U.S. Department of Transportation symbol directly behind him, and a US DOT flag on the right.


The Videos are Here!

MART instructional videos about our how to ride our fixed route buses have been posted here and on YouTube. The videos are in English and Spanish. Click here to get to our video page (Espanol).