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Service Alerts

Service Change as of 1/25/21: 

The MBTA 's new Winter Schedule starts on 1/25/21 (  There are drastic changes, therefore MART has made many changes to the Wachusett Shuttle schedule so that this Commuter Shuttle matches the Commuter Train. Please click here for the new revised Wachusett schedule.

Service Change as of 1/15/21:

The Spring Semester at Fitchburg State University will be delayed by 1 week and resume on 1/25/21, with shuttle service starting on 1/24/21 at 4:30pm (normal Sunday schedule). However since classes remain reduced the Route 4 bus will continue its schedule of once an hour. Also since Fitchburg High remains on full remote until further notice, Route 4 will be interlinked with Route 6/7. MART has a new "Saturday" schedule where Route 4 is permanently interlined with 6/7 - labeled 6-4-7. This Saturday schedule will be run Monday thru Friday until FHS returns to in-person classes. Click here for this exact 6-4-7 schedule

Service Change as of 1/11/21:

The Athol-Orange Shuttle will be changing as of 1/11/21. The early morning stop (5:45am) at Hannaford's has been eliminated because there is no connection to FRTA Route 32 at that time of day. Also the last half of the last loop will be cut, ending at 6:03pm at the Athol Depot. These cuts will enable MART to provide service on Saturday's. New Saturday Service will begin on 1/16/21 starting at 9:20am and ending at 4:25pm. Please click here to see the revised schedule.


Suspensions that began in week of 3/16/20:

The following bus routes have been impacted and/or suspended due to COVID-19:

Fitchburg Public Schools have decided to stay on full-remote until further notice (updated on 1/7/21), so:​

  • Supplemental Bus (Tripper) Service remains suspended until further notice

Suspended until further notice as of 3/18/20:

  • Littleton-Westford Commuter Shuttle

Suspended until further notice as of 3/19/20:

  • Route 11

Devens Regional Shuttle was moved to an on-demand service as of 3/19/20.

Seniors - please call your local Council-On-Aging to see how service in your community has been changed.