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Service Alerts

Route 8 Detour (10/27/20):

Route 8 inbound to Leominster from Target will be using Route 2 onto the Leominster Connector. Outbound is open.

Route 2 Detour at Leominster Hospital (10/27/20):

Due to the congestion and long lines for Covid testing along Memorial and Hospital Roads, Route 2 will temporarily not be able to service the hospital. Bus can stop along N. Main Street at the bottom of the hill from the hospital.

Service Change as of 9/8/20:

The Intercity Route will resume the day after labor day, but in a reduced schedule (two loops have been removed).  Please click here to view the new revised schedule.

Also MART will resume collecting fares on all services including fixed route bus, ADA, COA and Fitchburg MicroTransit. Please see MART’s schedules or click here for a listing of MART's fares. The Ticket Agency will re-open on Friday September 4, 2020 at 7am for anyone who wants to buy a September Pass. It will resume regular hours of Monday-Friday 7am-3pm. (You can also buy passes at the Water Street Office, Gardner Dispatch or Athol Offices.) Exact change is recommended on large buses and required on mini-buses.

Service Change as of 8/28/20: (updated from 8/3/20)

Wachusett Shuttle (click to see the new schedule) will now have SIX runs per day; a single one way run early AM, two round trips (2 runs each) between Gardner, Wachusett, Station, that will go all the way to the Intermodal and come back to Gardner - once in the morning and once in the early evening, then the last one way from Wachusett Station back to Gardner in the evening.


Effective week of 3/16/20:

The following bus routes have been impacted and/or suspended due to COVID-19:

Fitchburg Public Schools have a complicated hybrid program which will start on remote and switch to hybrid in-person on November 9, 2020 (updated on 10/26), so:​

  • Supplemental Bus (Tripper) Service remains suspended until further notice

Suspended until further notice as of 3/18/20:

  • Littleton-Westford Commuter Shuttle

Suspended until further notice as of 3/19/20:

  • Route 11

Devens Regional Shuttle will move to an on-demand service as of 3/19/20.

Seniors - please call your local Council-On-Aging to see how service in your community has been changed.