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Route 5 bus is detoured off Oak Hill Road onto Shea to Pratt to St. Joseph's to Legros to Beech to and from Park Hill Plaza. The route 2 bus is detoured up Hospital Hill Road to Chandler to upper Nelson to Memorial back onto to Hospital Hill Road outbound towards Monument Square. The route 2 bus inbound to Fitchburg cannot service Leominster Hospital as The lower end of Nelson Street is closed.

Advisory Group

MART’s ADA Advisory Committee

MART has an ADA Advisory Committee which provides a forum for addressing service related issues that affect the elderly and disabled.  This Committee meets at least once a year to discuss these issues.  The Committee addresses all types of service issues from improving existing services and advising on new services.  The Committee also deals with fixed bus route issues as they relate to elderly and disabled.  Committee Members consist of riders, human service agencies representing elderly and disabled riders, and MART’s ADA Coordinator.

If you would like to participate in the Advisory Committee or find out more information, please contact MART at 978-345-7711 option 3.

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