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Hybrid Buses

MART’s Fleet Includes Clean Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses

What is a clean diesel-hybrid bus?

A hybrid bus looks like a regular bus until you take a closer look at how the bus works. A normal diesel powered bus generates driving power using the diesel engine, which then transfers that power using its transmission to drive the wheels to move the vehicle. A hybrid (clean diesel-electric) engine uses the same basic concept, but with the added benefit of utilizing an electric engine to drive the vehicle at low speeds. The hybrid buses also utilize the normally wasted energy produced by the braking system, this is called regenerative braking. What used to be wasted energy is now circulated back into the electric engine and is then used to generate the power needed move the vehicle.

Hybrid buses are quieter than conventional buses and help reduce noise pollution!

Hybrid buses can use up to 30% less fuel than normal buses, and that means they generate lower greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • Fewer Gallons of Fuel Used = Lower Total Emissions = Environmentally Friendly Transportation
  • Lengthens Engine and Brake Life Substantially
  • Less Wear Means Fewer Dollars Spent on Repairs

2013 New Flyer Hybrid Electric Transit Bus – MART has two 35’ models

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