Contact Phone: 978-345-7711

Fixed Route Bus

photo of MART's bus station with two buses and passengers walking around.‘MART’ buses use the “flag down” system. This allows you to wave down a bus in transit anywhere along the route, as well as at scheduled stops. The bus will stop to pick you up where it is safe to do so. Due to various unexpected conditions, traffic, weather, we recommend to arrive ten minutes before the scheduled stop time, and to wait at least ten minutes after the scheduled departure time. If you have further questions, please call ‘MART’ at 800-922-5636 or 978-345-7711.

‘MART’ Payment and Service Information

You may pay for your fixed route single trip fares on your bus or pay for your passes at any of the following ‘MART’ locations:

  • 100 Main St, Fitchburg, MA
  • 1427R Water St, Fitchburg, MA
  • 555 Main Street, Gardner, MA
  • 573 South Street, Athol, MA


‘MART’ buses and shuttle vans accept the CharlieCard™. This fare card is the media for ‘MART’s bus passes. Consumers can also put cash stored-value on the card to use for single bus trips. The CharlieCard™ also enables ‘MART’ consumers to use that stored-value to ride on nine other RTA’s (such as WRTA in Worcester) or the MBTA bus or subway system.  For more information please see ‘MART’s CharlieCard FAQ page.

Farebox Rules

Please have your fare ready before you board the bus. Adult fare is $1.25 so it is advised that you have the dollar and quarter ready and in your hand. The farebox will time out if don't put the money into the slots quickly. A timeout will issue an overpayment ticket and you will need to start over. You may use the payment ticket. Also for reduced fare of 60 cents. The farebox is programmed to only issue overpayment tickets if you pay 25 cents or more over the fare. Therefore riders paying for a 60 cent fare with 3 quarters (75 cents) will NOT be issued a ticket for 15 cents. Please use exact change or $1 bills. The farebox will accept all bills from $1 to $20 and issue an overpayment ticket for the difference in fare. These tickets must be kept safe by the rider. Damaged or lost tickets will not be replaced as they have no cash value and are only redeemable for future rides on MART buses.  MART recommends that riders who frequently use cash to ride the bus store that cash as value on a CharlieCard™ as it will always deduct the exact fare.


Transfers are available on all buses and will be issued only upon payment of fare. Consumers must ask the driver for the transfer at the farebox while boarding. Transfers are automatically recorded on the CharlieCard™ when used for payment. Transfers are available from the Regional bus to a local bus route (such as Athol Link to Gardner local bus) but NOT from the local bus to the Regional bus. Transfers must be used within 2 hours. MART does not charge for transfers.

Commuter Checks

Commuter Checks and vouchers may be redeemed for bus passes, ADA Service or ‘MART’s Subscription Service. They are provided tax-free by employers. Commuter Checks are an employee benefit. Contact your Human Resources Department to find out if your company offers this service. For more information, visit or call 800-727-9436.