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PCA’s & Escorts

Requirements for Personal Care Attendants (PCAs)

Personal Care Attendants are individuals whose assistance is needed by an ADA eligible consumer to travel. Anyone who is involved in the "helping process" required by the consumer to travel, either while riding on the service or after reaching a destination, is considered a PCA.

The need for a PCA to accompany a consumer is a part of the initial ADA application process. However a consumer may add a PCA by simply notifying the Front Office staff that you need a PCA when scheduling a ride.

A consumer is entitled to use different PCAs rather than the same one at all times.


ADA eligible consumers may be escorted by up to 2 persons for each ride.  Escorts are not the same as PCA’s. Escorts are required to pay the same fare as the ADA eligible consumer. PCA’s ride for free. Children are considered escorts in most cases, especially if the child must use a booster or car seat. Please refer to the ADA Handbook for more details on children riding ADA service.