Contact Phone: 978-345-7711


Local Fixed Route Bus

MART has eleven (11) local bus routes in the cities of Fitchburg, Leominster, and Gardner which run Monday through Saturday ranging between 15 to 60 minute frequencies.  Full adult fare for a single bus ride is $1.25 with a half fare of $0.60 for any individuals sixty (60) years of age and older, a student 18 and younger, or a disabled rider with Medicare or statewide ID.  Unlimited ride pass products are available. Please see MART’s fares/passes page for more information.

Regional Bus

MART has three (3) regional bus routes which run on weekdays only with variable frequency.  An intercity Commuter Rail connector runs all year between Gardner and Fitchburg as part of our Intercity/MWCC route.  Mount Wachusett Community College has service between Fitchburg and Gardner that runs only between Labor Day and Memorial Day as part of the Intercity/MWCC route. The Athol/Orange area has regional service between Orange Center and Downtown Gardner via the Link-2 bus route. Winchendon center and Downtown Gardner are connected via the Link-3 shuttle route.  Full adult fare for a single bus ride is $2.00 and a half fare of $1.00. Unlimited ride pass products are also available.

Peak Service Supplemental

MART has additional buses that supplement the fixed route buses in Fitchburg during peak service hours in the morning and afternoon. Regular local bus fares apply. Click here for a schedule.

University Shuttles

MART Route 4 runs between our Intermodal Center and the Fitchburg State University (FSU) Wallace Civic Center. In addition to this bus route, there is a University Shuttle van which runs the same route in opposite direction from 6:30am to 4:30pm and then 9:00pm to midnight on Monday thru Thursday; 6:30am to 6:40pm on Friday; and 4:30pm to midnight on Sunday.  There are also two FSU University loop shuttles which run Monday thru Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm that go to various shopping plazas.  All these University services are free to the riders since they are subsidized by a contract between MART and FSU. Click here for a schedule.

Lunenburg Shuttle

MART recently, at the request of the Lunenburg Board of Selectmen, added a new Lunenburg Service schedule to supplement our fixed route services. MART runs a local shuttle that leaves Lunenburg Town Hall and connects to Route 7 at Lunenburg Crossing and circles round to the Whalom area and back. There are seven loops of the local shuttle starting at 12:45pm running through 4:15pm. The cost for a one way trip is $1.25 each way. A free transfer to Route 7 is available at Lunenburg Crossing. Click here for a schedule.


ADA Eligible Para-transit Service is only available to transportation disabled individuals.  Service is provided by lift-equipped vans and is available in the areas that MART provides fixed route bus service. ADA regulations mandate a ¾ mile radius around fixed route services. However MART has expanded our ADA service throughout the entire cities of Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner.  The ¾ mile radius is enforced in Lunenburg and Lancaster. ADA service in Templeton and Winchendon is provided through the local Councils on Aging using MART vans. For more detailed information on our ADA services and eligibility please visit the ADA page.


MART provides Council-on-Aging (COA) transportation services for the elderly (60 and up) in all of its member communities with the exception of Royalston. The level of service provided in each community is as the discretion of the local governing body and COA agency.  MART provides each community with at least one van for COA services.  MART will also directly provide COA services through our operating company if so requested by that community. MART currently does that for the cities of Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner as well as the towns of Ashby and Athol. Visit our COA page for more information and the contact number for your local COA.


Subscription service is a monthly pre-paid Para-transit service available to anyone 8 years and older in the cities of Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner. Service is given for a consistent schedule to and from the same origin and destination. For example, to and from home and work. Prices vary based on the number of trips scheduled for each month. Visit our Subscription page for more information.


JARC is a late night taxi dial-a-ride service provided by MART. It currently runs from 9:00pm to 11:30pm. The price for a one-way trip is $2.00

Out-of-Town Shuttles

‘MART’ provides out-of-town shuttle services to the general public to medical facilities in Boston and Worcester. The shuttle services depart from the Fitchburg Intermodal Transportation Center three times each day Monday through Friday. For more information regarding schedules and departures please call 978-345-7711 option 3 or 800-922-5636 option 3 or visit our Boston and Worcester schedule pages.


Dial-A-MART service is transportation that serves the needs of either human service agencies or targeted populations (elderly, individuals with disabilities, and/or low income individuals) through eligible agency sponsored trips.  To find out if your agency is eligible for Dial-A-MART services, please check  Visit our Dial-A-MART page to see our current services and contact information.

Brokerage Transportation

‘MART’ brokers human service transportation through the Massachusetts Human Service Transportation (HST) Office within the Executive Office of Health and Humans Services (EOHHS) for four of the nine established HST regions. The human service agencies currently represented under the HST office are MassHealth (NEMT), Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the Department of Public Health Early Intervention program (DPH/EI) and the Access to Recovery program, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. The four (4) areas managed by ‘MART’ represent 206 of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. Visit our Brokerage page for more information.