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Route 6 & 7 Schedule

The schedule below is Monday thru Friday only. To see the Saturday schedule, please click the "Download PDF" link below.

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Route 6 Route 7
Intermodal Center Upper Common Burbank Fitchburg High School (Mon-Fri Only) Upper Common Intermodal Center Wallace Plaza (Market Basket) Lunenburg Crossing (Hannaford/ Walmart) Intermodal Center Arrival
-- -- -- -- -- 6:20A 6:25A 6:35A 6:43A
6:45A 6:48A 6:54A 7:04A 7:14A 7:20A 7:25A 7:35A 7:43A
7:45A 7:48A 7:54A 8:04A 8:14A 8:20A 8:25A 8:35A 8:43A
8:45A 8:49A 8:55A 9:05A 9:15A 9:20A 9:25A 9:35A 9:43A
9:45A 9:49A 9:55A 10:05A 10:15A 10:20A 10:25A 10:35A 10:43A
10:45A 10:49A 10:55A 11:05A 11:15A 11:20A 11:25A 11:35A 10:43A
11:45A 11:49A 11:55A 12:05A 12:15A 12:20P 12:26P 12:40P 12:48P
12:50P 12:54P 1:00P 1:10P 1:20P 1:25P 1:31P 1:45P 1:53P
1:55P 1:59P 2:05P 2:15P 2:25P 2:30P 2:36P 2:50P 2:58P
3:00P 3:04P 3:10P 3:20P 3:30P 3:35P 3:41P 3:55P 4:03P
4:05P 4:09P 4:15P 4:25P 4:35P 4:40P 4:46P 5:00P 5:08P
5:10P 5:14P 5:20P -- 5:25P 5:30P 5:35P 5:45P 5:55PT
Route 6: Roads Traveled
Intermodal Center: Main, Mechanic, Miller, Drepanos, Nichols, Romes, Mechanic, (FHS: Ashby State, Arnhow Farm, Ashby State), Mechanic, Boulder, Main, Intermodal Center
Route 7: Roads Traveled
Intermodal Center: Main,  Lunenburg, John Fitch, Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Lunenburg, Main, Intermodal Center