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Route 4 Schedule

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Route 4
Intermodal Center   Fitchburg State University (Dining Hall)   Wallace Civic Center (Parking Lot)   Fitchburg State University   Intermodal Center


Beginning at 6:30 am departs every 20-25 minutes from the Intermodal Center with the last bus ending at 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday. (The FSU shuttle bus runs the same route but longer hours and is timed to run in the opposite direction of Rte. 4. See our Supplemental Schedule for more details.)  This schedule is run during regular college session only.  When college is not in session service hours limited from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm once every hour, Monday through Friday.

Saturday service hours run from 10:05 am to 4:35 pm once every hour (see Route 6-4-7 schedule).

No transfer will be issued to other fixed route buses. FSU ID will be honored for all Fitchburg/Leominster buses.

Route 4: Roads Traveled
Intermodal Center: North, John Fitch Hwy, North, Intermodal Center