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DBE Program Goals

Goal Submission for Fiscal Years 2015-2017

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New Goals

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority’s (MART) overall goal for the time period FFY2015-2017 (October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2017) is 3.6% of the Federal financial assistance we will expend in DOT-assisted contracts, exclusive of FTA funds to be used for the purchase of transit vehicles. $4,860,064 is the dollar amount of DOT-assisted contracts that MART expects to award between FFY2015 and FFY2017. $1,350,000 is expected to be awarded in FFY2015, $2,665,064 in FFY16, and $820,000 in FFY17. This means that MART has set a goal of expending $176,807.52 with DBEs during the next three fiscal years. We estimate that, in meeting our overall goal of 4%, we will obtain 4% from race-neutral participation and 0% through race-conscious measures.


The following projects will be completed during the time period of Fiscal Years 2015-2017 and will be accomplished with DOT financial assistance. A short description of each project follows:

Misc Facility Rehabilitation Projects – MART will use 5307 funds to accomplish various rehabilitation projects on MART’s facilities. These projects are small jobs ranging from $50,000- $250,000. This doesn’t afford for MART to split the project into prime and sub-contracting opportunities. However the size of the projects does lend naturally to smaller firms, DBE and SBE alike. The following is a summary of those projects by year of expected contracting:

FFY14-15 Projects:

  • Replace curbing and sidewalk on rail-side of Intermodal Center in downtown Fitchburg.

  • Repair roof leaking issue and damages cause by said leak in North Pod of Intermodal Center at 100 Main Street.

  • Drainage/flood mitigation issue at the Gardner maintenance facility

FFY15-16 Projects:

  • Resealing of the garage decking at Fitchburg parking garage at 150 Main St

  • Asphalt repaving of outside parking lot on rail-side of Intermodal Center

  • Gas tank containment issue at Water Street maintenance facility in Fitchburg

  • Convert to dry fire suppression system in server rooms at Water Street and Main Street

FFY16-17 Projects:

  • Rehab stairwells (paint/sealing/light replacement) at Fitchburg parking garage

  • Enclose canopy catwalk from Fitchburg parking garage to rail platform

  • Replace/rehab garage doors at Fitchburg maintenance facility


Equipment Purchases:

  • Computers/Network Support – purchase miscellaneous network equipment such as large

  • UPS’s and replacement computers and servers will happen in each of the three years.

  • Support Equipment – purchase operational support equipment such as sno-melter and related equipment such as a bobcat and dump truck in FFY2015.

  • Electric charging stations will be purchased for each of MART’s parking facilities in 2016


Large Project – MART has one large project for this goal setting period. MART has $3.2M in TEA-21 FHWA funds which were transferred over to FTA that are earmarked for an “Ayer Parking Garage.” This project will be to expand a current surface lot and increase parking from 75 cars to almost 200 cars. This project will include the acquisition of Real Estate around the existing lot (and all the sub-projects that Real Estate acquisition entails), and procurement of A&E services to design the expanded lot and ROW with pedestrian street crossing. The project will culminate with construction to be completed in 2016. Although the construction is just a surface lot, there may be subcontracting opportunities, such as paving or landscaping.