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Doing Business with MART

MART has a varied range of opportunities and options available for businesses of all sizes to contract with MART.



MART has lots of vehicles and shelters where businesses can advertise their products and/or services to the general public. Transit advertising is flexible, noticeable and cost effective. Per dollar, transit advertising reaches more people than any other form of advertising. Catch your customer’s eye at literally every turn. Let us help you get more mileage out of our advertising budget. For more information please see our “Advertise with Us” page.


MART has many opportunities throughout the year for vendors and contractors to provide goods, materials, and professional and construction services. For more information on these procurements please see our “Contracting Opportunities” page.

Small/Disadvantaged Businesses

MART, as a recipient of FTA funds, it mandated to run a program giving Small and Disadvantaged Businesses an opportunity to bid on FTA funded projects. Please see our DBE Program Goals page for more information about these projects and our DBE Program.  MART has signed a UCP Agreement with the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office to undertake the DBE certification process. Please see our DBE Program Goals page for more information about these projects. The following link will bring the potential DBE to SDO’s website where they can learn about the certification process and access all required forms.

Brokerage Transportation

MART has a large Brokerage Transportation Division that contracts with private transportation providers to perform Human Service Transportation rides and Special Education routes. MART currently contracts with over 200 such providers that collectively perform over 4 million trips a year.  To learn more about how to become a brokerage transportation provider, please see our "Transportation Providers” page under our Brokerage mini-site.

MOVET Transportation

MART also has an opportunity for taxi and dial-a-ride transportation providers to provide much needed private transportation services for our Veteran’s and family members of active duty military. MART’s MoVET project enables this target audience the tool to find transportation to meet their needs.  MART’s MOVET website enables the transportation providers and the veteran riders the ability to connect, and so much more. Please see our “Become a MOVET Vendor” page for more information on this great opportunity.