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Transportation Providers

What is a Transportation Provider and how do you contract with MART?

Human Service Transportation (HST) is a statewide coordination initative that uses a Broker, like MART, to contract out transportation for eligible consumer members. Transportation Providers are the vendors that hold these contracts with MART (the Broker). The following list of transportation providers have a current contract for brokerage service:

Transportation vendor companies are hiring drivers and monitors:
Many transportation companies that provide human service trips are hiring statewide.  If you are interest in applying to drive or serve as a monitor to help consumers access key health and social services, contact the transportation providers in the list below to find out how to apply.

A Transportation Provider must contractually agree to meet the standards specified in the following documents:

The first step is to read the standards, plan, and policy above and if you can comply then please submit the following application. Only applications submitted on this version will be accepted.

The application must be complete in all aspects. It is recommended you review the “Application Phase FAQs” prior to submitting an application and/or contacting MART.  Many common questions, procedures, and provider qualification requirements are answered.  Below is the link to these frequently asked questions (FAQs).


For the latest MassHealth Vendor Rates Sheet please click below:


The Transportation Provider Application was approved, what’s next?

After you are notified that the application has been approved, the Transportation Provider will be sent a contract to be signed by the Provider and MART.  This will then initiate the “Contracting” (pre-work) Phase. Once all pre-inspection trainings, office audit/inspections, and Vendor Portal trainings are completed, then the Transportation Provider will enter the “Contracted” (work assigned) Phase.

MART has composed two more FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages – one for each phase which are linked below.  These FAQs also contain links to required forms and some mocked-up examples.

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