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Route 8 Schedule

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Route 8
Monument Square (West St.) The Mall at Whitney Field Crossroads Office Park (MechanicSt) D'Ambrosio Eye Care Center Orchard Hill Park Crossroads Office Park (MechanicSt) The Mall at Whitney Field Leominster Senior Center Monument Square Arrival
Market Basket Food Court Target Kohl's Food Court Market Basket
7:20A 7:26A 7:29A 7:34A 7:36A 7:41A 7:43A 7:48A 7:53A 7:56A 8:05A 8:08A
8:10A 8:16A 8:19A 8:24A 8:26A 8:31A 8:33A 8:38A 8:43A 8:46A 8:55A 8:58A
9:00A 9:06A 9:09A 9:14A 9:16A 9:21A 9:23A 9:28A 9:33A 9:36A 9:45A 9:48A
9:50A 9:56A 9:59A 10:04A 10:06A 10:11A 10:13A 10:18A 10:23A 10:26A 10:35A 10:38A
10:40A 10:46A 10:49A 10:54A 10:56A 11:01A 11:03A 11:08A 11:13A 11:16A 11:25A 11:28A
11:30A 11:36A 11:39A 11:44A 11:46A 11:51A 11:53A 11:58A 12:03P 12:06P 12:15P 12:18P
12:20P 12:26P 12:29P 12:34P 12:36P 12:41P 12:43P 12:48P 12:53P 12:56P 1:05P 1:08P
1:10P 1:16P 1:19P 1:24P 1:26P 1:31P 1:33P 1:38P 1:43P 1:46P 1:55P 1:58P
2:00P 2:06P 2:09P 2:14P 2:16P 2:21P 2:23P 2:28P 2:33P 2:36P 2:45P 2:48P
2:50P 2:56P 2:59P 3:04P 3:06P 3:11P 3:13P 3:18P 3:23P 3:26P 3:35P 3:38P
3:40P 3:46P 3:49P 3:54P 3:56P 4:03P 4:05P 4:10P 4:15P 4:18P 4:30P 4:33P
4:35P 4:41P 4:44P 4:49P 4:51P 4:58P 5:00P 5:05P 5:10P 5:13P 5:25P 5:28P
5:30P 5:36P 5:39P 5:44P 5:46P 5:53P 5:55P 6:00P 6:05P 6:08P 6:20P 6:23Pt
6:25P 6:31P 6:34P 6:39P 6:41P 6:48P 6:50P 6:55P 7:00P 7:03P 7:15P 7:18PT

Route 8: Roads Traveled
Monument Square: West, Mechanic, Water, Whitney, Mill, Cinema, Sack, Commercial, Mechanic, Old Union Turnpike, Harvard, Orchard Hill Park, Harvard, Mechanic, Commercial, Sack, Cinema, Mill, Whitney, Water, Depot Square, Merriam, Washington, West, Monument Square. 

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