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Transportation Apps

Transportation Provider Apps


MART in partnership with QRyde is offering Transportation Providers with a scheduling and dispatching site (QRyde Web Portal), as well as two mobile apps to help assist you in your MassHealth ride operations.

QRyde Portal:  This is a new feature available to contracted transportation providers that that are providing Mass Health services for MART’s Brokerage.  The QRyde web portal will allow you to accept new work, like the vendor portal, but with the ability to create drivers, assign drivers the work, and push rides out to your drivers in real time (in conjunction with the use the Driver App). 

The Supplier App is an mobile app for transportation provider dispatchers to accept work from MART on a smartphone (Android or iOS) and to dispatch rides to drivers.   This app would allow you to accept work outside the office and not be tied to the vendor portal via your desktop.

The Driver App is an mobile app that enables the drivers of the transportation providers the ability to perform the rides and accept new ones.

The use of these apps comes with access to the QRyde web portal which allows the transportation providers to (a) enter their drivers; (b) accept new work (like the vendor portal); and (c) assign drivers to rides.  The benefit of these apps will allow you additional flexibility in accepting work without having to be tied to your computer as well as the ability to push changes and work to your drivers via the app in real time.  Additional benefits also give gps tracking for you to monitor your drivers' progress and have confirmed information for billing purposes.

Please check the link below to learn more about the program and download the apps from the Google Play (Android) or Apple (iOS) stores.

Supplier and Driver Apps FAQs