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How can we help you?

To receive the most helpful and appropriate customer service, please read the following scenarios and take the action that meets your needs. Click to download a "Know Before You Go" fact sheet on what to expect from your transportation experience.

Reasons to Contact MART:

  • To schedule PT-1 approved transportation to your medical appointments. (Please note: PT-1 Transportation is non-emergency transportation. In the event of an emergency you should contact an ambulance.)
  • To cancel previously scheduled transportation
  • To confirm the vendor transporting for a scheduled trip (You are not required to hold for a representative, you can use our automated system by calling our office then select option 2; enter your 12 digit MassHealth ID# found on your MassHealth card.)
  • To file a complaint in regards to your trip.

Important Facts Regarding Transportation:

  • Transportation is a curb to curb service, not door to door
  • You may be sharing rides with other MassHealth members
  • You should be ready 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time
  • Drivers are not allowed to make any unscheduled stops
  • If you don’t know your return time and schedule a “will call” you may have a 60 minute wait from the time of your call for pick up
  • Both members and drivers must wear seatbelts at all times
  • You may not eat or drink in the vehicle
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed in any of the vehicles

Reasons to Contact MassHealth Customer Service:

  • Questions regarding eligibility
  • Changes to your address, or telephone number.
  • To check on the status of pending PT-1’s – please note that Customer Service has up to 4 business days to process a PT-1

Reasons to Contact your Medical Provider:

Your medical provider must submit a completed, signed PT-1 form to MassHealth on your behalf for approval; therefore you must contact your provider for the following:
  • Submission of a new PT-1
  • Updating a PT-1
  • Changes in frequency of visits or duration of treatment
  • Addition of an escort on the PT-1
  • Adding a wheelchair van prescription
  • Adding an alternate pickup address
  • Any other additional transportation needs should be documented in section 7 on the PT-1

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