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Automated Trip Review

Automated Trip Review


This information is meant to give 'MART's Masshealth Members an understanding of our IVR (interactive voice response) system which we call Automated Trip Review.  Below are the options in this automated telephone system and an explanation of what information each option provides to you the MassHealth Member.  Please have your MassHealth (MMIS) ID number available when using this system, as it is required to get to your specific information.

Anytime of day the Automated Trip Review system is available. Please listen to the options when you call any of MART's member service phone numbers. Currently, after you choose your language, the automated system is option 2.  Once you arrive into the system you will hear the following:

You have accessed 'MART’s Automated System:

For Trip Review - press 1 or say Trip Review
For PT-1 Review – press 2 or say PT-1 Review
To cancel a trip for tomorrow – press 3 or say Cancel Trip
To extend a standing order – press 4 or say Extend
To return to MART's main menu - press 6 or say Beginning
To repeat the automated system's main menu - press 9 or say main menu
To speak with a reservation specialist, please remain on the line

Once you choose any of options 1 through 4, then you will be prompted to enter your 12-digit MMIS number.


Trip Review:

This option will allow the member to review trips that are already scheduled with MART. The member can review trips for that day and the next three (3) calendar days. The system will read their pick up time, the pickup address, the appointment time, the destination address, the return time, the assigned vendor (if any), and the assigned vendor's telephone number.

PT-1 Review:

This option will allow the member to review their active PT-1 forms. The system will read to them the Facility and/or Doctor name, the address, city, and the expiration date.

Cancel a Trip:

This option will allow the member to cancel any scheduled trips for the next three (3) calendar days. Any trip for the next day must be cancelled before 3:30 pm. The member will not be allowed to cancel same day transportation using the automated system. The member must call MART and/or their vendor to cancel a same day trip.

Extend standing order:

This option is currently under reconfiguration and is not available at this time. Please speak with a Reservation Specialist to extend your standing order.