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MassHealth FAQs

MassHealth Frequently Asked Questions

MassHealth Members receiving PT-1 Transportation thru MART often ask the same questions. This FAQ serves to answer those questions quickly (you don't have to wait to talk with a Call Center Representative):

Q: Can I have your fax number to send you my approved PT-1?
A: MART receives all PT-1’s directly from MassHealth and MART can only accept those PT-1’s as valid.
Q: Can you send me a PT-1 form to give to my provider?
A: PT-1 forms are provided by MassHealth only. Please have your medical provider contact MassHealth for a PT-1 form.
Q: I moved can I give you my new address?
A: Please contact MassHealth and update your address with them first. Then request them to send MART your new address.
Q: My doctor just submitted a PT-1 for me today, can you please see if you received it?
A: MART will be happy to check; however it usually takes 2-3 business days for MassHealth to process a new PT-1 and send it to MART.
Q: I’m only supposed to ride with MART transportation.
A: All MassHealth trips go through an automated vendor assignment program with gives the ride to the lowest cost vendor. A MassHealth member cannot request a particular vendor. Special accommodations, such as female driver only, can be requested thru MassHealth and amended by them on your PT-1 form.
Q: My PT-1 expired? Why didn’t I get notified?
A: MART does not send a notification when a PT-1 is about to expire. It is very important that you (the member) save that information when MassHealth sends you the approval letter for the PT-1.
Q: I am calling to confirm trips I have booked. Do I always have to wait on hold for confirmations?
A: No, you can use MART’s Automated Trip Review (via the IVR), just select option 2 from the main menu after you pick a language. Click here to see the instructions for the IVR service as well as other options provided thru the IVR.
Q: I don’t understand why you can’t find me; I always take MART transportation to the supermarket and the laundry mat.
A: If you receive local (Leominster, Fitchburg, Gardner) rides and pay for your transportation, please contact MART’s “Dial-a-Ride” service at 978-345-7711, option 3.
Q: I need to bring an escort for tomorrow but I am not approved for one. Can you add an escort just for tomorrow?
A: Adult escorts need to be approved by MassHealth. Children 17yrs and younger are authorized to go without approval.
Q: I need to travel in a vehicle by myself. I don’t want anyone else in the car with me.
A: We cannot note that on your trip. To ride alone is a special accommodation that needs to be approved by MassHealth on a PT-1 form.
Q: I have an emergency and need transportation right away.
A: MART does not provide emergency services. However, if you need to schedule a same day trip we will make every attempt to accommodate your request. The earliest pick up we can try to arrange for you is an hour and half from the time you call
Q: I never know what time my appointment will be over, should I book a one way?
A: We are able to schedule you with a will call to return home. You can call when you are done with your appointment. It is important that you know the driver can take up to an hour to pick you up once you call for the return.
Q: My doctor needs to schedule me for a sleep study, what’s the latest time I can be picked up?
A: PT-1 transportation brokered thru MART is 24 hours a day. However trips need to be booked through the MassHealth Call Center during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday from 7am to 7pm.