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Quality of Service

Quality of Service Statement:


MART understands the critical role that transportation serves for MassHealth medical appointments, as well as the range of Program-Based services.   

Please know that your feedback is critical to making sure we maintain high service standards for transportation services.  If you experience any issues with your rides, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest opportunity so that we can immediately begin to resolve the issue.  It is recommended that you contact us directly via our toll free number or through the member portal or app.  It is never recommended that you contract the transportation provider directly. 

MART takes transportation provider compliance very seriously. We want you to know that MART inspects transportation provider vehicles at the time of contracting and via unannounced site inspections throughout each year over the life of the contract.

MART also monitors all transportation providers’ closely for compliance in regards to the following:  proper insurance coverage; review of all driver / monitor credentials and trainings as each new driver is added, as well as annually throughout the life of the contract.  Any transportation providers, drivers or monitors that do not meet the required standards are not allowed to provide services under the contract.

It is MART’s overall focus to provide high quality, timely and reliable transportation services to meet the needs of the individuals that we serve.