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Become a MoVET Vendor

MOVET - moving our veterans

photo of a MART paratransit minibus

MoVET is a website developed using a Federal Transit Administration grant awarded to the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) specifically to assist veterans and families of active duty military to identify transportation resources available throughout the state to access employment, medical, social, or community events.

  • What we require from Transportation Providers: Providers must be a legitimate business able to operate in Massachusetts.  We will need your operational working hours, trip rates, and acceptance of the website‘s Transportation Provider Agreement.

  • What we will monitor: Customer Service Delivery.

  • Service fees: Annual subscription fee.

  • Trip acceptance policy: Same day (up to 15 minutes)/Next day (up to 1 hr) and Future trips (up to 3 hours) after a ride request.  The trip will be offered to multiple vendors within a specific rate range. The trip could be awarded sooner than the acceptance limits listed above depending upon which vendor accepts the trip first and if the client accepts that vendor’s trip.

  • Payment: Please specify all forms of payment you will accept (cash, in-vehicle credit card, PayPal, etc; Amazon will be available at a later date).  Payment will be direct to the Transportation Provider from the client requesting transportation services. Any fees associated with accepted payment methods will be the responsibility of the Transportation Provider.


For more information and to receive login access to the Transportation Provider section on the MoVET website, please contact MART by email: