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COVID19 Information

As concerns about COVID-19 increase, MART wants to assure our passengers that we are monitoring the situation and are basing our response on guidance from the Governor’s Baker emergency actions, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. MART is assessing our actions on a daily basis and making adjustments as necessary. MART is presently taking the following actions:

  • All vehicles are being thoroughly cleaned two to three times a day with disinfectants that are approved by the CDC to kill the virus.
  • The Intermodal Center is being cleaned twice a day. All doors, door handles, benches, etc. are being wiped down with approved disinfectants.

Passengers are also encouraged to participate in helping to limit the spread of this virus. You can help by maintaining distance between each other, whenever possible, and wearing cloth masks while riding.  Limit seating in the wheelchair accessible seats except for the elderly and disabled.  Other things you can do include:

  • Enter the bus from the back and sit 6 feet from the driver
  • Individuals should avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, especially when in public spaces
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and immediately discard in the trash (or by coughing or sneezing into your elbow)
  • Not littering or leaving any waste behind when you leave the vehicle, and
  • Most importantly by not riding if you have any symptoms of being sick in any way. 

You can get more information on the Corona Virus (COVID-19) at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website at or from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at 

Service Changes:

Per the Governor's new order, all riders are now REQUIRED to wear face coverings while riding public transit. You must have your mouth and nose covered while on a MART vehicle and in a MART facility.

Services are for getting to and from essential services such as work and essential needs; otherwise stay at home per the Governor's Order (rollback order starts on 11/6/20).

The following bus routes have been impacted and/or suspended due to this event:

In the Spring the Govenor closed all schools. Fitchburg Public Schools have a hybrid program which started on full remote and will switch to hybrid in-person. However this switch has delayed again due to caution against COVID per an announcement by Fitchburg School District on 1/7/21​. Therefore, 

  • Route 6 will continue not going to Fitchburg High School
  • Supplemental Bus (Tripper) Service remains suspended

Suspended until further notice as of 3/18/20:

  • Littleton-Westford Commuter Shuttle

Suspended until further notice as of 3/19/20:

  • Route 11

Devens Regional Shuttle was moved to an on-demand service on 3/19/20.

Wachusett Shuttle was reduced to 4 runs on 3/19/20 and increased to 6 runs per day (3 in morning, 3 in evening) on 8/28/20 and increased to 8 runs on 11/2/20 (added a midday loop).

Seniors - please call your local Council-On-Aging to see how service in your community has been changed.